26 September 2009

Hopelessly Devoted to You

Honey, can't you see
Can't you feel
That I am hopelessly 
Devoted to you?

Can you see the tears?
Can you feel the heartaches?
Wish you could see the tears...
Wish you could feel the heartaches...

That's how hopelessly devoted I am to you!

09 September 2009

In Silence

Don’t worry, I’m just here, your most beloved, the love of your life
silently loving you
silently missing you
silently caring for you
silently praying for you.
Because in silence, that’s the only way I can truly
and honestly love you
till the stars and the moon no longer shine
till the sun no longer rises in the east and sets in the west
till our last breath
till the end of time.

07 September 2009

Please Don't Ask Me

I tossed and turned can't sleep at night and I was wondering what you are doing. Then suddenly, I remember this song and silently sang it in my heart and I know it's all about us.

Just listen to it on youtube. The lyrics runs this way:

Please don't ask me what am i thinking
It's about you - yes, that's true
And please don't ask me
I never can see you
What can i do
My first impulse is to run to your side - because i really missed you
My heart's not free, and so i must hide
Please don't ask me
What i'm gonna say to you
I toss and turn
Can't sleep at night - and it's really what's happening to us
It's worrying me, I go to bed
Turn out the light
But your face i see
It only hurts
The more i pretend
That we could ever
Be more than friends
Please don't ask me
Why I'm so in love with you- and that's very true honey
You could easily make me happy
That I know
But I try my best to never tell you so
I will sing to you my love songs
And pretend but I'll keep my distance right down
To the end

Please don't ask me why I'm not talking
I just can't explain - so please understand me
And please don't ask me
Why I go walking out in the rain
I could not live the lie it would take
To have you here would be a mistake
Please don't ask me
Why I'm so in love with you - because i am so in love with you
No please don't ask me

06 September 2009


As I lay down in bed
Thinkin’ of somebody farway
Eyes wide open, missing her terribly
I want to reach out to her, but I can’t.
 It’s her birthday

but I am not there to greet her . . .
“Honey, happy, happy birthday,
May you have happier birthdays to come”.

Others may hug and kiss you
On your birthday
But I know that
My hugs and kisses will give you more happiness.

Just remember honey
That someday, somewhere, sometime, somehow
We will be together
To share the love we have for each other.

Don’t be sad of my absence on your birthday
Because I know deep in my heart
That you are in my thoughts, in my mind and my heart
And that is forever.

As I look forward to your coming birthdays
I wish to be present with you soon
And spend a good time with you
And share the love we have for each other.

And hope it’s not too late to say it so.

02 September 2009

I Feel In-love with a Dreamer

I Fell In-love with a Dreamer

It started from reading her blogs, blogs that attracted me very much, blogs full of true to life stories that reflect her personal mannerisms and professional conduct, how she manages her strengths and weaknesses when it comes to solving complicated problems. When I walked into her blog site three months ago, I noticed that her blogs contain meaningful and beautiful ideas that attracts my personal attention. It seems that there is something deep in her heart that encourages her to voice out what are her dreams and how would those dreams become a reality.

First, I just was browsing her blogs on her blog site, and then started reading some of them and started commenting. But then, I find myself that I am always on her blog site waiting for another blog to be posted by her. It seems that I am not completely satisfied and let a day pass by without visiting her blog site and I finally realized that I fell in-love to this blog site owner,….whew,….yes I fell in-love with her,… a dreamer who dreams that her dreams becomes a reality. Maybe, i can help her make her dreams become a reality.