26 August 2009

So Near Yet So Far

Everything would have been perfect, except that Dale is so far from Leigh. Nope, not exactly perfect. They are yet on the stage of getting to know each other. Of knowing their likes and dislikes, of finding out if they have a perfect chemistry, physically and emotionally, and maybe in the long run, socially and spiritually. So that everything would really have to be perfect.

It remains a mystery why two people like Dale and Leigh would have met. Call it destiny. They are so far from each other yet they try to void the distance they have just to be so near with each other. They are miles away, and only conversations over the phone and going online would be enough to satiate their feelings of being together. So near over the phone yet so far in reality.

It happens once, it happens twice. It happens all the time. Two people who would fall in love, and would conquer everything just to give justice to what they feel. That is Dale and Leigh. Maybe, it was written in the stars. Maybe they were born for each other. Maybe, it was their destiny. And destiny is beyond our control. Destiny is something we can’t go against with. Yes, destiny. Sometimes we are very thankful for having a great, wonderful destiny and more often than not, we hate our destiny. But for Dale and Leigh, it was their destiny to fall in love, not at the wrong time, but maybe, it was the right time. Not with some other people but with each other.

So near, yet so far but they firmly believe that “distance makes the heart grow fonder”. They should therefore nurture their destiny. For in the end, everything will be in the right place and they would surely be near with each other in a far, far away place they can call their home and paradise. And they will live happily ever after like Cinderella’s story.